The program consists of fun, fellowship, and community service. While being an enjoyable program for youths, it will also help to teach them to be patriotic.

The Antlers Program’s major objective is as follows:
*To quicken the Spirit of American Patriotism
*To teach respect for parents and love of home
*To aid in a worthy cause
*To establish foundation of character
*To promote the welfare and enhance the happiness of character
*To respect the conviction of others in the matters of worship and religion

The Antlers Program is for members’ children and grandchildren, ages 4-18. Please fill out any applications and email them to Christy Carr at Applications and program information can also be found pinned to the top of the Calvert Elks Antlers’ Facebook page. If you are not yet a member and your child or grandchild would like to participate, PLEASE get your Member Application in ASAP! We would love for you to be a member!

Starting in June, the Antlers will meet for an activity the 4th Friday of each month. We are asking that an Antler family or two volunteer to make the Friday night dinner either as or with a kid’s option each time we meet so the Lodge is covered for that week’s Friday night meal. Please check this page, the bulletin or the Calvert Elks Antler’s Facebook page (give us a like!!) for upcoming details. To volunteer for a dinner or if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please contact Christy Carr